Since 1998 Parsons Blewett has recognized teachers of St. Louis Public Schools that have exemplified excellence in teaching. Recently retitled, Educator of the Year, for 2017. The program also highlights well deserving school leaders.

Ana Barrios, Secondary Math
Dr. Valentina Bumbu, Science
Nicholas Clement, Special Area
Dr. Crystal Gale, Secondary Principal
Rolanda Gladen, Special Education
Kaylan Holloway, Humanities
Wendy Huddleston, Early Childhood
Freddie Johnson, Reading
Anne Markle, Elementary Math
Sara Martens, Supporting School Leader
Michael Neuner, Physical Education
Dr. Deborah Rogers, Secondary English
Janice Watlington, Kindergarten
Mamie Womack, Elementary Principal
Larissa Young, Visual & Performing Arts
Matthew Brayfield, Mathematics
Zoe Childress, Visual Arts
Laura Craig, Library Media
Michael Loveless, Physical Education
Samantha Lurie, Special Education
Alexandria Mueller, Preschool/Special Education
Matthew Pace, Social Studies
Raymond Parks, Visual Arts
Belinda Quimby, Communication Arts
Leslie Rahn, World Language
Tomothy Reedy, Science
Annette Silver Betts, Music Education
Ellen Trinity, Reading
Glenn Barnes, Social Studies
Danielle Butler, Kindergarten
Evelyn Fields, Library Media
Kelly Hahn, Preschool
Kathryn Kramer, Special Education
Colette Morton, Communication Arts
Michael Paradise, Visual Arts
Natasha Payne, Mathematics
Steve Pipitone, Visual Arts
Carolyn Recke, Reading
Jacob Reft, Preschool/Special Education
Kelly Taylor, Science
Shari Telaar, Music
Fabian Turner, Physical Education
John Wilson, Music
Christine Bluett, Preschool
Kimberly Davis Hodge, Kindergarten
John Grapperhaus, Visual Art Education
Darrin Grogan, Physical Education
Merita Haxhia, Science
Shona Lamond, Preschool/Special Education
Roy Monti, Physical Education
Kimberly Payne, Music Education
Karl Schoenherr, Special Education
Jenna Silver, Communication Arts
Veronica Simms, Music Education
Dianna Sumner, Social Studies
Gregory Taylor, Mathematics
Joy Taylor, Visual Arts
Timberly Walton, Reading
Russell Arms, Physical Education
Anne Constantinescu Brad, Visual Arts
Jason Criveau, Visual Arts
Joseph Lindell, Physical Education
Anna Moffatt Gardner Andrews, Communication Arts
Carl Nelson, Music Education
Melinda Nikolaisen, Social Studies
Ashley Rench, Mathematics
Jeremy Resmann, Science Education
Linda Smith, Preschool
Dax Stausing, Social Studies
Lisa Talarski, Reading
Kristine Wilke Kolkebeck, Kindergarten
Saadia Baker, World Language
Julie M. Beede, Music Education
Jerri Bolden, Kindergarten
Matthew Cashman, Communication Arts
Monica C. Freese, Social Studies
John Gerdes, Music Education
Yeva Golynskaya, World Language
Andrew Goodin, Science Education
David Marler, Mathematics
Jason McClelland, Mathematics
Maureen Moore, Special Education
Dawn Neupert, Preschool
William Perry, Visual Arts
Barrett Taylor, Communication Arts
Marie Thompson, Social Studies
Emily Williamson, Science Education
Jeremy Winingham, Visual Arts
Cheryl Alfermann, Music Education
Rosemary Bruce, Preschool
Kathleen Buckingham, Kindergarten
Mark Clark, Music Education
Kathy Collins, Kindergarten
Justin Coppedge, Science Education
James Francis, Social Studies
Nevels Nevels, Mathematics
Margaret Presley, Science Education
Rebecca Simpson, Visual Arts
Johnnie Singleton, Physical Education
Leigh Anne Smith, Physical Education
Bridget Stegall, Mathematics
Laura Thomas Breitenstein, Physical Education
Thomas Tobias, Visual Arts
Ronda Williams, Special Education
Christine Bluett, Preschool
Rosemary Bruce, Preschool
Jennie Coleman, Kindergarten
Matthew Fendler, Physical Education
Tyler Harris, Physical Education
Jane O’Donnell, Preschool
Marquita Reef, Music Education
Jamie Timmons, Kindergarten
Melanie Vierling, Social Studies
Zana Ware, Physical Education
Beverly Whittington, Music Education
Christine Bluett, Preschool
Danielle Butler, Kindergarten
Sherri County Harris, Physical Education
Pamela Gundlach, Kindergarten
Kelly Hahn, Preschool
Molly Hayes, Physical Education
Carrie Kullmann, Preschool
Maria Lenz Adderley, Kindergarten
Melanie Vierling, Social Studies
Billy Williams, Art Education
Theresa Wilson, Physical Education
Jeremy Winingham, Visual Arts
Maria Yaksic, Kindergarten
Karen Boyd, Art Education
Pamela Calvert, Social Studies
Paula Coleman, Preschool
Phillip Graves, Social Studies
James Greenlee, Social Studies
Anita Harris, Preschool
Debra Hendley, Kindergarten
Alan Kmetz, Art Education
Emma Osby, Kindergarten
Dianna Overall, Preschool
Audry Sprivey, Art Education
Melanie Vierling, Social Studies
Shirley Weathersby, Preschool
Adrian Wright, Art Education
Patricia Brown, Computer Education
Svetlana Nikic, Computer Education
Hollie Russell West
Barbara Brown, Social Studies
Amy Bruckner, Regular Classroom
Daniel Casey, Physical Education
Michelle Drake Henderson, Kindergarten
Jeanette Fedrick, Social Studies
Rose King, Social Studies
Angela Pisciotta, Kindergarten
Kathleen Rodemacher, Kindergarten
LaKita Speed, Kindergarten
Dax Stausing, Social Studies
M. Leanne White, Physical Education
Wendy Blanton Kuhl, Social Studies
Lester Buehler, Ph.D, Social Studies
Yolanda Crews, Physical Education
Willa Ray, Physical Education
Fred Rosteck, Jr., Physical Education
Melvin Walls, Physical Education
Karen Bequette, Kindergarten
Kathleen Buckingham, Kindergarten
Bonnie Davis, Kindgergarten
Patricia Pendleton, Kindergarten
Linda Stowers, Kindergarten
Evonna Broda, Kindergarten
Deborah Davis, Kindergarten
Jane Sykes
Nancy Brooks, Kindergarten
Conchita Curry, Kindergarten
Marlena Curry, Kindergarten
Karen Darris, Kindergarten
Faye Eichholz, Kindergarten
Delma Fransaw, Regular Classroom
Thelma Keshinover, Art Education
Sharon Lockett, Kindergarten
Barbara Sarich, Foreign Language
Pearlie Smith, Kindergarten
Mary Austin, Regular Classroom
Catheline Jones, Regular Classroom
Michael Pfefferkorn, Social Studies
Wanda LeFlore, Language Arts
Christine LiCavoli, Regular Classroom
Lois Zitzmann, Mathematics
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